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Week 21 Column
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Ante Up Again
I'm back from Vegas and the only things I lost were a lot of sleep and my dignity when I tried to stay with a SIX in blackjack (not a soft 16, just a six - a four and a two).  My lack of sleep got the best of me but luckily the dealer wouldn't let me be that stupid.  Anyway, in keeping with the gambling theme, let's take a look at the updated odds on MRLB teams winning money.  It's been about a month since the odds were posted, so it should be interesting to see which teams improved their chances and which teams have faltered.

North Siders
Was:  Title:  2 - 1
Was:  In the money:  1 - 2
Title:  6 - 5
In the money:  1 - 1000

The North Siders are going to win money in this league.  It also seems apparent that first place is theirs for the keeping.  There may not be enough time for a slump to affect the team.  Heck, they've even endured the current "Cubs collapse."  Don't give out the money just yet but you can probably start engraving the trophy.

Was:  Title:  3 - 1
Was:  In the money:  1 - 1
Title:  8 - 1
In the money:  2 - 1
This team is not in position to gain many more points, especially considering the conservative pitching strategy extolled by Broghammer.  Stonecutters have a good chance at winning some cash (currently in 2nd place), but with just 4.5 points separating 2nd from 5th, none of these middle teams are a sure things.

Was:  Title:  6 - 1
Was:  In the money:  2 - 1
Title:  7 - 1
In the money:  3 - 2
Vavster has the best chance of catching the North Siders.  Unfortunately, that chance is not a good one.  Vavster can still gain ground in just about every category with a good month, so I believe he will not fall lower than 3rd the rest of the way.

Slim Shady
Was:  Title:  7 - 1
Was:  In the money:  3 - 1
Title:  10 - 1
In the money:  3 - 1
Slim is not going to take home the title, but his team, like Vavster, can still improve in many categories.  Unfortunately, injuries are starting to take their toll and Slim is currently 3 points out of the money, so a huge rally is needed just to get into position for some cash.

Was:  Title:  14 - 1
Was:  In the money:  5 - 1
Title: 30 - 1
In the money:  8 - 1
Eggs' team mirrors A Tale of Two Cities - it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Now, Eggs finds his team somewhere in between.  With decent hitting and a hungry young staff, 3rd place is not out of the question but will be a long shot.

Was:  Title:  18 - 1
Was:  In the money:  5 - 1
Title:  8 - 1
In the money:  5 - 2
Redrum's dealing of Schilling has paid off, giving him needed strength in several hitting categories.  Redrum can gain a few more points, but the realistic goal should be finishing in second place, a definite possibility.

Was:  Title:  25 - 1
Was:  In the money:  7 - 1
Title:  75 - 1
In the money:  35 - 1
As suspected, the slim margins Threepeats held in his pitching categories have eroded and left him with little in the hurling department.  The hitting has all but closed shop and will be fighting to stay out of last as the season winds down.

Sj & Associates
Was:  Title:  40 - 1
Was:  In the money:  25 - 1
Title:  60 - 1
In the money:  20 - 1
If the teams ahead of him just collapse, Sj would have an outside shot at 3rd place.  Sj's hitting will most likely not be enough to make such a run.  In the end, expect to see this team somewhere between 5th and 7th.

Was:  Title:  40 - 1
Was:  In the money:  30 - 1
Title:  75 - 1
In the money:  30 - 1
Even though Firewire is only 10.5 points out of 3rd place, they really don't have a chance to win any cash because they don't have much room to improve.  A few points can be gained in the hitting categories, but with Firewire's pitching staff (no closers) and already tied for first in wins, this team will not gain any ground in pitching and will be lucky to finish in 7th.

Badass Cowboys
Was:  Title:  60 - 1
Was:  In the money:  30 - 1
Title:  80 - 1
In the money:  35 - 1
This team only has one thing left to achieve - finish in 9th place with a respectable second half.  They have a decent chance of climbing out of the cellar but their staff is one of the most inconsistent in the MRLB and will ultimately hold the fate of the club's finish.  It doesn't look good for the Badass Cowboys.

Hope you enjoyed this week's column.  We've only got one month to go.  Keep plugging away and, for some of you, start thinking about next year's draft.  Good luck this week and may all your fly balls get hit to Delino Deshields.

The Commish